Vocalists wanted - if you live in Honolulu

and you have a recording quality voice contact us!

    Msongs needs several young-adult vocalists in the style of Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift to record demos and put together a vocal group to perform in the Honolulu area.

    Do you have Excellent pitch (ability to sing the correct note and not go off-key)? How about style, attitude, sparkle, pizzazz and a wonderful personality? If this is YOU, and your voice will appeal to the young adult pop market, Msongs wants to hear from you! 

  • Vocalists will be paid for recording sessions on a work for hire basis.

  • Vocalists will get a vocal credit for recordings

  • Songwriter retains all rights in regard to recorded songs.

Other possibilities -
  • Recordings will be used to promote the songs to other artists and the public.

  • We also want performers who will sing our songs in their public appearances and record the songs for sale to the public.

  • We may release our recordings for sale to the public.

  • If interested, vocalists we hire may have an opportunity to put together a group to perform the songs in public.

What you need to do:
  • We need to hear your voice so you will need a demo featuring your voice.

  • Email us links to your online performances. 

  • We will contact you if interested

Tips for your demo:
  • Get rid of musical introductions and start singing right away!.

  • Feature just your lead voice, not lots of vocal overdubs.

  • Minimize use of echo, reverb, delay etc so your lead voice is clear and distinct...

  • We do pop/r&b/dance music. Not interested in country, classical, rap, bluegrass or anything not pop. so send ONLY a pop music demo.

  • Use the email subject line "Msongs vocalists wanted"