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Demo Reel

Marshall Songs here from Honolulu, Hawai'i.  I write lyrics first, then create a melody, then think of arrangements using various instruments. I do not play instruments however so I  think of the music bits and tell someone else what I want to hear and that someone else creates the sounds for me. Well I do play Garage Band a bit because it is drag and drop.

    I also have written a 2 act musical comedy called L A Shake that has been performed by 2 theater groups. I am also an artist and photographer.

Artist Lyrical Project - "What Do You Want From Me" (1:29) - Create a new song with a totally different melody and chord progression based on an existing song form and instrumental pad. The new song is not a derivative as it incorporates no elements from the original, which is just a layout guide.

Sound Design Project (2:35) - Add sounds to a silent video using various sound sources including Foley.

Sync Project (1:00) - Add music to an existing commercial video.

Holiday Music Project (00:34) - Add music to silent commercial video

Film Composition Project/ Character (1:35) - Use music and sounds to identify characters. In this case I was trying to create a mini-trailer.

Fil Composition Project/Setting(1:31) - Play a musical motif, without plot, for each character.

BONUS VIDEO! (00:50) - How to write songs when you don't play an instrument (except maybe hunt and peck on a keyboard using one finger)

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